Easy to care for and best value for money

Eco Shutters are a polymer (PVC) shutter. They are often know as Ecowood or Fauxwood shutters. They are the most affordable shutter on the market. They can be installed in wet rooms like bathrooms. 


Key Features

  • 10 year warranty

  • Light weight

  • Full Thermal Properties

  • Available in lots of colours

  • Variety of blade sizes

  • 180 degree Blade Tilt


Affordable Eco Shutters

Would you like a home consultation?

One of our experience consultants will help you pick the right internal and external window furnishings for your home.

How do I know which type of shutter is right for my windows and doors?

You don't - this is where we come in! We will design your shutters for you. Our expert sales consultants know which size panels and what type of material needs to go into each window and door. We take into consideration where the panel will be located in terms of water and sun. We will make sure that the right size is installed to maintain your warranties. Your shutters will be designed in consultation with you. During the home consultation we will discuss each window and agree the best shutter for the situation.