3 reasons why you shouldn't measure for your new blinds


At Fowlers we want you to get the best window solutions for your home. While blinds in principle seem simple to measure there a myriad of things you need to take into consideration. Here are three reasons why we  believe its important to have an expert measure your blinds.

  1. It is easy to make mistakes. The online blind websites ask you for one drop measurement and one width measurement. If you make a mistake you have no way to check yourself. We measure every window at 3 points on the window. This gives us a check to make sure we haven't made a mistake.
  2. Online websites need to make bigger deductions from your measurements to make sure the blinds fit. This is so they can feel confident that the product will fit. This means there will be bigger gaps around your window furnishing that will allow more light in. In our case we don't need to take as bigger deductions because of the way we measure and submit the order to the factory is more robust and accurate. 
  3. Some windows have tricky openings, locks, unusual screen positions, narrow reveals, no reveals etc unless you know how these factors impact the blinds and how they operate you can't account for them in your window selection or measurement. 

We recommend that you use an expert blinds and shutter company that can come to your home and measure your blinds and shutters for you. Its not worth the risk. If you would like to discuss this with us further please contact us. 

We want you to sit back and relax and we will take care of the rest.


Tricky Windows


Our free guide will help you find the right covering for your tricky windows

Today's modern homes look fantastic but they often present challenges when it comes to window furnishings. 

Sometimes its hard to know what will look good in the following shaped windows. 

  • Triangle
  • Port Hole (circle)
  • Semi Circle
  • Large Doors and Windows over 3metre
  • Cedar Windows
  • Corner Windows
  • Louvre Windows
  • And more...

To make it easier for you we have created this free quide that goes through each type of tricky window and gives you some recommendations for the best window furnishing. 

We also recommend that one of our experience sales consultants comes to your home to talk through each window to help you find the perfect window covering. 


Kid and Pet Friendly Window Coverings


Which window covering is best for a household full of kids and pets?

The quick answer is the one that cleans the easiest! Then the second answer is the one they can't break. 

We recommend the following:

  • A roller blinds with One Screen, Vibe or Focus. These fabrics contain PVC which mades them easier to clean. Our rollers are installed with chains that meet Australian Standards for child safety. 
  • Plantations Shutters are another alternative that can be easily wiped clean and difficult to break.

Help - I don't know if everything goes together!


 Creating a beautiful home can be simple and easy

We know how daunting it can be making and matching interior and exterior selections for your new home. In the back of our mind we are wondering “will that all go together?”, “will it look good?” or “is this going to achieve the look I want?”. You often have to make your flooring selections, pick your paint colours, choose your kitchen and bathroom all in a matter of weeks, often months before your home will be ready and before you can get a feel for the space. 

Meet Mel

Melanie is an interior stylist. Melanie has a broad range of experience that she can draw upon to work with customer to help them achieve their design goals and visions. To see more of Melanie’s work follow her @melanieredmandesign. Melanie is the interior stylist that work with Fowlers Carpets + Blinds. 

Would you like to meet with Mel for free?

If you buy your window coverings and floor coverings you can receive a complimentary session with Melanie. She will help bring together the different colour schemes and selections in your home. 

We created a website just to showcase this unique offering for Fowlers Carpets + Blinds. To find out more click the button here.