2 Year Guarantee

We offer a two year guarantee on all custom made window furnishings, except for fading which is 12 months from the date of installation. Our guarantee is a two year in home guarantee and no service call fee applies subject to the issue being a defect or faulty workmanship. When products are not installed by Fowlers Carpets + Blinds then all product must be returned to the warehouse for the guarantee to be implemented. 

The guarantee is against defects in components or faulty workmanship from the the time of installation, for a period of two years. The guarantee does not extend to misuse or abuse of the product and does not cover depreciation through ordinary wear and tear. If we determine that the issues is caused by misuse or abuse of the product or depreciation through ordinary wear and tear when a service call out fee of $150 will apply. If the product has a defect or faulty workmanship the product will either be repaired or replaced. If the product is no longer available then a substitute product will be provided. 

In addition to the Fowlers Carpets + Blinds 2 year guarantee our manufacturers offer warranties. For more information about their warranties please click here. Product care and operating instructions must be adhered to otherwise warranties will be voided. Any attempts to repair, alter or adjust a Fowlers Carpets + Blinds product by an unauthorised person will deem the guarantee and warranties void. 

Note that our guarantee is not transferrable.